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Bequests and Gifts

Donations are always welcome, however, all should be aware that such gifts to our church, if made in trust, become the property of the United Church of Canada and St. David’s United Church may only use the interest accumulated from the investment of this money.

Direct Donations

If you wish to leave a bequest or gift to St. David’s United Church which can be used for everyday church work, the donation should state “for use in the ongoing current account of the church”.  Donations may also be made as a Memorial Donation in memory of a loved one.

A cheque, Money Order or E-Transfer can be used and an income tax receipt will be mailed to you with our sincere thanks.   For additional information and E-Transfers please use:

PAR - Pre-Authorized Remittance


PAR or Pre-Authorized Remittance is a direct debit program that allows people to support their church through an automatic monthly withdrawal from their bank account.  The United Church administers the program following the giver’s wishes (e.g. X amount for local church expenses, and X amount for the Mission and Service Fund, if you wish to contribute to both).  Approximately on the 20th of each month, all PAR givings are debited from the giver’s account and the total is electronically transferred to the local church account.  Thank you for supporting St. David’s PAR program. To enroll in the PAR program, please pick up a brochure at back of the church or contact:

Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada


The Mission and Service Fund finances the ministry and mission of the United Church.  It supports our worship life, and funds efforts promoting justice and peace, and advocating for environmental reforms.  The M&S Fund enables the church to respond to human needs both in Canada and around the world with developmental work, medical aid, emergency relief, and many different kinds of community outreach and social programs.   Any donations to St. David’s are forwarded on a quarterly basis to the United Church of Canada.  

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